Quality Health Care for County Correctional Facilities

Southwest Correctional Medical Group (SWCMG) is a proud member of the Correctional Medical Group Companies, high quality providers of medical and mental/behavioral health care services focused exclusively on the needs of county correctional facilities.

The first CMGC member, California Forensic Medical Group, was founded in 1983, and provides correctional medical and mental health services to nearly half of California’s counties.  CFMG’s success is built on a foundation of strong client partnerships and on living by a simple code: Always Do the Right Thing. 

It’s a code shared by every member of the Correctional Medical Group Companies, and Southwest Correctional Medical Group is committed to Always Do the Right Thing as the healthcare partner that counties in the Southwest need, demand and deserve.

As a member of CMGC, Southwest Correctional Medical Group is proud of the things that distinguish us from other correctional healthcare providers:

    • We hire and keep great people, by recruiting and hiring high-performing healthcare professionals, training them well, and treating our people like family. Year-after-year, annual turnover among full-time Correctional Medical Group Companies team members averages below 6%, almost unheard of in a correctional healthcare environment. This continuity and quality of care leads to higher inmate satisfaction, and fewer grievances and legal challenges.
    • The Correctional Medical Group Companies practice Integrity in Contracting. In 30 years, we have never terminated a contract early or demanded a higher price in the middle of a contract. While this may be a common practice with many of our competitors, it’s simply not how we do business.
    • 100% of our clients are enthusiastic references. Our customer satisfaction is without parallel and our clients are not just satisfied, but enthusiastic supporters and references. For over 30-years, whenever CMGC has lost a customer in an RFP process because they’ve been offered a lower price, CMGC has later earned them back. Every CMGC client who has ever tried another provider has come back to CMGC.
    • The Correctional Medical Group Companies is focused on county jails.  We are pro-active and responsive to our clients’ needs, and each member of Correctional Medical Group Companies are managed locally, by people who support their communities, and understand local customs and standards of care.
    • Southwest Correctional Medical Group believes in giving back to our  local communities, and offers every employee  the opportunity to devote one day each year, with full pay, to an important cause in the local community, like building a home for Habitat for Humanity, working with a local homeless shelter, or working with local children in need.