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CMGC Family Reunion AJA

The American Jail Association (AJA) Conference, held in Austin, Texas May 21st through 24th was a special event for the entire Correctional Medical Group Companies family.  The AJA Conference is a national event that attracts sheriffs, detention administration and corrections officers from around the country.

California Forensic Medical Group, Southwest Correctional Medical Group, Southeast Correctional Medical Group and Midwest Correctional Medical Group were all in attendance.  For the first time, we brought together our county partners from California, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Arkansas, Georgia and North Carolina, to thank them for their support and to celebrate our shared success.  We also had the opportunity to share with prospective county partners from coast to coast just what makes us so special.

Our new messaging was on vibrant display, with the unveiling of our new booth.  The booth features simple, but effective statements highlighting the CMGC difference: Provide Compassionate Care, Leave No Shift Unfilled, and Always Do the Right Thing!

Finally, to cap off a successful three days, we held our Inaugural CMGC Family (and Friends) Reunion, an exclusive, invitation only, celebration at Stubbs BBQ in downtown Austin. It was a night of great friends, delicious food and drink, and Austin-based recording artists, Mickey and the Motorcars, entertained the more than 260 attendees.

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The success of this special event has us already planning the Second Annual CMGC Family (and Friends) Reunion for next year.

Stay tuned…we can’t wait!

See photos from the event here!